Modi Takes First Dose of Home-Grown Vaccine

India plans to vaccinate 250 million by July.

April 12, 2021

Shamiya Lin

Staff Writer at Motus News

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was vaccinated with the first dose of India’s home-grown coronavirus vaccine, Covaxin at the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) on March 1st, 2021.

 According to Asian News International, the COVID vaccination drive will begin on March 1. Those above the age of 60, and those who are above the age of 45 and are suffering medical conditions are now eligible for vaccinations. 

The PM tweeted after getting the vaccine, “Took my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at AIIMS. Remarkable how our doctors and scientists have worked in quick time to strengthen the global fight against COVID-19. I appeal to all those who are eligible to take the vaccine. Together, let us make India COVID-19 free!”

India has reported the second highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world at the number of 11,096,731 as of February 28, 2021. The Indian government said that it would allow people to pick their vaccination centers and let the vaccine of choice between COVAXIN and Covishield.

So far, 14,242,547 doses have been administered, covering 70 percent of the health workers. Although the vaccinations are open to all eligible, a registration is required.

India makes 60% of the world’s vaccines. As results have shown, there is no lack of ambition when it comes to the vaccination of such a large population. According to BBC News, India plans to immunize 250 million people by July of 2021. 

India has made some 27,000 “cool chain” stores available with stocked vaccines, which can reach more than eight million locations around the country. Around four million of the medical workers power India’s immunization program. However, the country will need many more to carry out ideal numbers of coronavirus vaccinations.

Currently, the Serum Institute of India has partnered with AstraZeneca and Covaxin, and has developed the Covishield vaccine. While the Covishield has become the most popular candidate, others such as the ZyCov-Di, HGCO19, and the Sputnik V have continued in different stages of trials to test safety and efficacy. 

There have been concerns in India’s vaccine storage and logistics, but the officials responded that the extreme cold storage chain facilities are already available in Haryana, Karnataka, and West Bengal, among other places. Therefore, giving high hopes to safe and effective vaccines to the larger population.