On April 19th

The United States progresses further with the vaccine.

April 18, 2021

Israel De la Rosa

Writer at Motus News

"No more confusing rules, no more confusing restrictions" were the words of President Joe Biden earlier on April 6th during a press conference discussing vaccine rollouts. In exactly one day from now, on April 19th, every single American citizen, age 16 and older, regardless of seniority, health condition, or profession is eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Those who are 15 and younger are not eligible for the vaccine yet, keeping us under the looming umbrella of quarantine for a bit longer. However, make no mistake, April 19th is monumental. Just over 36% of the US population of 330.2 million have been vaccinated, and subtracting those 16 and younger, this means that around 149 million people - or around 45% of the U.S. population - will be eligible to be vaccinated by the 19th. That percentage, when added to the 36% that have already been vaccinated, means that 4/5 of the population will be either vaccinated or vaccine eligible on the 19th. While not as ideal as 100%, it is still a momentous accomplishment, which will heavily improve the state of things and will mark a massive leap in the return to normalcy.

This may signify the first real breath of fresh air for many people, especially the youth who have missed a key portion of their early adulthood, like college and job opportunities. People at the peak of their lives, completely rid of their key formational years by the sudden arrival of the pandemic. And while this has been a painful time for many of us, for others it has been much worse. Parents, grandparents, siblings, children, all taken by the virus, having their lives ripped apart from the arms of their loved ones. While the quarantine has indeed been painful, one doesn’t have to look far to see - that without it - things could have been much, much, worse than they are today. 

So why do it? For the chance that as many people can outlast the virus long enough, that they may finally be able to receive our ultimate weapon against this deadly plague: the vaccine. While points like this have been repeated ad nauseam, they are still true. If you want an escape from our new normal, and I know I do, I’d make an appointment as soon as I get the chance to receive the vaccine, wherever it may be available come tomorrow. However, as the first day will likely be extremely packed, you may not actually receive yours until a few days later.

So, mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen for April 19th, and get your arms ready for a few days of soreness after that. As vaccine time is almost upon us and the clock is ticking, let’s just sit back to count the hours in the meantime, and wait for the day when normalcy may once again shine upon us. I know I will. 

You may find some more information on which places are available for you to make a vaccine appointment over on the CDC website right here: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/reporting/vaccinefinder/about.html

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