The Top 9 Electric Cars of 2021 and Beyond

The best electric cars coming out this year and beyond in terms of quality and value.

May 1, 2021

Luca Smithers

Head of HR at Motus News

After my last article on why 2021 was the year of electric cars, many people were left wondering which electric cars have caught my interest and which - of the many cars coming out - I would recommend. Today, I will present you with my Top 9 Electric Cars of 2021 and Beyond.

#9 - Audi Etron GT RS

Audi joined the EV game with their E-tron SUV a few years ago, but this year, they’ve decided to add to their lineup with the all-new Audi E-tron GT. Their highest model, the GT RS, has great performance matching the newest Teslas and sports the classic Audi interior. Although it lacks the technology of the newest Teslas and has room for improvement in its practicality, it handles and drives really well, as an Audi should. Those who are looking to buy this car are expecting Audi-level quality, and they definitely get it.

#8 - BMW i4

BMW’s i-series of cars has been around for a while, with the i3 and i8 dating back to 2013 and 2014 respectively. Even so, they hadn’t committed to the fully electric movement, with the i8 being only a hybrid, until the iX3 car which came out this year. A fully electric SUV, it was essentially a copy of their x3 model with a few bits and bobs, just to differentiate it slightly from its gas counterpart. However, their most exciting car, coming later on in 2021 is the BMW i4. A luxury electric sedan, the i4 aims to be the start of BMW’s electric revolution. We don’t know too much about it yet, but it's promising coming from a company with such heritage as BMW.


The Hummer EV is a new electric pickup coming out later in 2021, and it's anything but normal. With the legacy of gas-guzzling, ex-army, monster-sized SUVs, many were surprised that GMC would revive their infamous machine, let alone make it electric. Yet they did quite an impressive job: packed with great tech, great offroading features, and great performance, it seems like quite a good option for those seeking luxury off-road vehicles. This pickup truck even includes 4 wheel steering, which allows it to crab walk (by driving at a 45-degree angle without turning the car body). In addition, the windows on the sides connect to the horizontal pillar at the top, which allows you to easily remove the roof of the car and turn it into a convertible. This car will cost you, but who doesn't want to be the first to drive a CONVERTIBLE ELECTRIC HUMMER?

#6 - Rivian RIT and S

The Rivian RIT and S are two separate cars, but I'm combining them into one. Why? Because of their uncanny similarities. Built on the same chassis and very similar in shape, the RIT is a pickup truck while the RIS is an SUV. Rivian is a promising new electric startup, with backing from Ford and Amazon, and their car is planned to launch in summer 2021. Both cars have a lot of hype behind them, and for good reason: their body design is stylish, their performance and utility are great, and their interiors are modern and sleek. Although Rivian is releasing these cars soon, no one has been able to get hands-on with them so we can only go off of what Rivian has released. But it looks very promising, and i’m sure it will satisfy many people’s desires for an electric offroader.

#5 - Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is the hottest new non-Tesla EV on the block. Starting as the Porsche Mission E before coming out officially in 2020, the Taycan is Porsche’s attempt at translating their automotive heritage to the EV market. Although many variants are offered, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S is what competes with the fastest Teslas. At a hefty $180,000, this car is out of almost everybody’s budgets, but then again, what did you expect from a Porsche. The car is extremely quick, with the signature handling and build quality that Porsche is known for. Those who are dissuaded by Tesla’s build quality will find exactly what they want here. Interestingly, Tesla’s upcoming Model S Plaid will be faster and cheaper by $60,000, so you’re really paying all that extra premium for the Porsche experience. In any case, it's a beautiful and impressive car and number 5 on my list.

#4 - Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is Tesla’s new pickup truck coming out later in 2021. With quite a controversial design, many are skeptical about its success - but one thing is for sure - it’s garnered an overwhelming amount of attention. The Cybertruck is quite a special truck. Made with bullet-proof metal and specially-designed strong glass, one could easily compare it to a tank. People speculate, however, that this simple metal outside is actually what makes its price so competitive: starting at $40,000, it is quite competitive and the first electric pickup to exist at that price range. The highest range version is still in the $60k range, but still much cheaper than the other pickups on this list. During the showcase for the Cybertruck, an electric quad-bike was also shown sitting its bed, which apparently is also going to be sold. We will have to see for that one, but in any case let’s hope expectations don't quite shatter like the window glass did during the demo. 

#3 - Tesla Semi-Truck

One interesting vehicle on few people’s radars is the Tesla Semi-Truck. Unveiled a while back in 2017, alongside the Tesla Roadster, people were quite excited for an electric 18 wheeler and how it might revolutionize the trucking industry. However, the release date was never really confirmed and so far, the Semi-Truck still seems a couple of years away. Hoping to go 500 miles on a charge, like the Plaid + Model S and Tesla Roadster, it’s pretty obvious that the battery technology still has a bit to go before the SemiTruck can realize these promises at launch. However, interest in the vehicle is still strong amongst large companies, who have already invested heavily into the product. Electric trucking is incredibly promising: companies can eliminate costs, trucking will become safer and less tiring with autopilot, and one of the largest polluting sources in the world will begin to get greener. I’m very excited for the future of the Semi Truck; we will have to see what comes of it.

#2 - Tesla Model S Refresh

The biggest electric cars coming out this year, however, are the refreshed Model S vehicles. The three models, Long-Range, Plaid, and Plaid+ are decidedly pushing the performance and range barrier. With a redone interior that includes better materials, extra screens, and gaming computer performance, I would recommend these vehicles in a heartbeat, if you’re willing to pay the price. However, its the performance of the Plaid and Plaid+ Models that is catching the eye of many. Supposedly, they possess supercar level speed and 0-60 times that are rarely seen in the automotive industry. The new Plaid promises a 0-60 of 1.9 seconds (Wow!) and the Plaid+ model, coming later in 2021, promises even less than that. The Plaid+ will also sport a range of over 500 miles which hasn’t been seen in any other EV yet, thanks to the new battery technology. That could take you from SF to LA with 120 miles to spare. Range like that comes at a price however, with the Plaid costing about $110,000 as mentioned before, and the Plaid+ costing around $150,000. I am extremely impressed by what Tesla has been able to do with their cars, but they’ve had a head start. Now it’s time for the rest of the market to catch up. 

#1 - Mustang Mach-E

And maybe they’ve almost done it with my #1 car of 2021, the Mustang Mach E. Coming at a very competitive price of $42,000 and with a range of 305 miles, the Mach E is the non-Tesla world’s first real contender against Tesla. It sports high-tech features, a self-driving mode on freeways (although many companies are now doing this), and a practical interior, which is the reason reviewers have liked it so much. Although I would take a Tesla Model S Plaid+ any day over this car, that car- like many of the luxury EVs -is unattainable for most and I am a strong believer in making cars that are both fun to drive and accessibly priced. Some may question the Mustang badge on an electric crossover, but I find that it's a great way to generate buzz and gives it quite a unique body shape, compared to Ford’s other SUVs.  

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